A Practical Guide to VAT-Compliant Legal
E-Billing in the EU


Three cornerstones for VAT-compliant e-billing

Deploying a legal e-billing solution in the European Union (EU) is sometimes perceived as "too complex," given the requirement to comply with varying regulations that support the value-added tax (VAT) systems found throughout Europe. In fact, reaping the benefits of e-billing can be achieved today by utilizing a software solution that is specifically designed to support VAT compliance requirements in the EU.

If your legal department is considering deployment of legal e-billing in the EU, this whitepaper offers practical advice for implementation and has more on:

  • The basics of applicable VAT regulations
  • The key legal e-billing solution design components that will enable your department to meet its VAT compliance obligations
  • Common myths in the market about what constitutes a VAT-compliance solution

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