The Call for Innovation in the Law Department


Accelerating Change to Drive Legal Operations Performance

Legal operations professionals play a critical role in shaping in-house practices and are increasingly charged with driving significant efficiencies, controlling costs, and scoping out the best way to perform legal services in alignment with the priorities and goals of the company and business units they serve.

This mission is never truly complete. Fortunately, many legal departments have access to an array of tools, technologies, data, and other resources to help them operate more strategically.

This whitepaper highlights how innovative law departments have taken a more strategic approach to legal operations by focusing on three areas for improvement. Through practical approaches and real-life case studies, see how to accelerate change to better manage costs and transform your operations. 

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Savvy legal operations experts are driving change and innovation with a combination of pulling the “right levers” at the “right time” to obtain desired results and ensure that each lever is used to maximum effect. To manage effectively, many are responding to a call for improvement focused on three areas to drive change: efficiency, value, and insight.



The Call for Innovation

Call for Efficiency

Technology and processes to streamline work and improve productivity. 

Call for Value

Optimizing legal services by matching the right resources with the right work at the right price.


Call for Insight

Business intelligence to inform data-driven decisions.

  • Efficiency is cited by law departments as a top focus area for cost control and an obvious starting point because of the financial benefits inherent in streamlining workflows and saving time.

  • To demonstrate value, many legal departments are rethinking legal service delivery. Outside counsel relationships must be managed not just in terms of cost but in setting expectations for financial and project management, staffing models, and business alignment. 


  • By turning rich, available data into insights, the opportunities to use information in a transformative and strategic way have never been so tangible.


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