Building the Business Case for an Enterprise Legal Management System


Discover new efficiencies and gain better control over your legal spend

Corporate legal departments are being stretched to the limit. At the same time, management of legal is becoming exponentially more complex. General counsel and other senior legal executives are being called upon by CEOs and boards of directors to deliver more value to the business.

This paper is designed to help those involved in managing a corporate legal department better understand: 

  • The power of an enterprise legal management system
  • The quantifiable benefits, such as savings and ROI, a solution can provide
  • The practical points to consider when selecting a system

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Enterprise legal management systems can quickly generate a positive return on investment. A typical mid-sized corporate legal department can see a potential first-year savings upwards of $800,000 with a system that enables integrated e-billing and matter management.


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Call sales at +1 800 780 3681

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