Seven Core Metrics for Claims Litigation


Analyze Your Data to Drive Better Decisions and Claims Outcomes. It's that Simple.

Business intelligence is all about capturing and analyzing data to drive better decisions and strategies. But are you capturing key claims litigation management metrics? Are you pulling the correct type of reports that give you the best way to analyze your data? What are some red flags, positive trends, and best practices to look for?

Join CLM and Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions in this on-demand webinar to take a deeper dive into some fundamental data points that are essential to driving better decisions within your claims litigation department, both on a day-to-day basis and from a long-term, strategic perspective. Explore seven key metrics and see examples of the types of reports you can pull for each, including how to look at the data and spot positive and negative trends.

No matter where you are in your metrics maturity journey, this webinar will help you get started creating excellent metrics or strengthen what you’re already capturing – and you will get the knowledge needed to understand your data, how it affects your litigation activities and firm relationships, and how it can deliver meaningful change.

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Enable smart and efficient procurement, management, and delivery of legal services


Does your claims department want to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Get better results and value from counsel
  • Manage cases more proactively
  • Identify cases for settlement earlier
  • Better prepare for the cases that need to be tried

Passport Claims Defense provides a single solution that brings together all of the parties involved in litigation management and other claim-related legal services. The ELM Solutions software serves as a centralized place where claims professionals and their retained panel and staff counsel law firms can track and share the latest case information. This enables timely, effective collaboration by the entire team and leads to more efficient and accurate case resolutions.