How to Take a Strategic Approach to Outside Counsel Management


Walk Through the Value and Total Savings a Leading Legal Department Identified

Learn how a multinational company, renowned for best-in-class supply chain practices, took an innovative approach to outside counsel management and associated cost control to recognize $3.1 million in initial adjustments with estimated total savings up to $2.4 million upon resolution of appeals. 

By applying laser-focus to the bill review process, they were able to see results far beyond cost savings and ultimately a way to advance their leadership in the industry.

View this webinar at any time to see how they were able to:

  • Find five times the adjustment dollars, moving from $612,000 to catching $3.1 million in initial savings.
  • Actively engage law firms to refine behavior, leading to faster case resolution, less adjustments needed over time, and less work for internal teams and outside counsel.
  • Continuously evolve for hard and soft savings with improved billing guidelines, tailored engagement strategies, and industry leading benchmarking.

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Survey Says: Having Guidelines in Place Isn’t Enough

Either already have guidelines in place or are developing them.

Indicated their guidelines make outside counsel’s invoices “very easy” to audit for compliance.

Were “completely satisfied” with outside counsel’s compliance; and only 31% were “satisfied”.

Proving Value and ROI with Proof of Concept


By combining artificial intelligence with human expertise, forward-thinking companies are fundamentally altering the invoice review process to take cost control further and realize additional savings. What time and resource savings could you see?

Your Proof of Concept Report Includes:

  • Total of expert review adjustments identified.
  • Adjustment totals by billing violation category, by law firm.
  • Sample billing violations by timekeeper.
  • Sample dashboard models.
  • Recommended enhancements to your billing guidelines.

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