A Deep Dive into the 2019 Litigation Management Study


A point-in-time view of the claims litigation industry


The 2019 Litigation Management Study, conducted by Suite 200 Solutions, captures the current state of the litigation management industry and contains insights from over 80 claims and litigation professionals.

In this webinar, Taylor Smith of Suite 200 Solutions and Vincent Venturella of Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions analyze the study’s key findings, review industry trends, and examine opportunities for claims organizations to improve their litigation programs. 

They also discuss three vital topics:

  • Improving litigation metrics – how to use your data to make better decisions – from claims executives to handlers and vendor managers.
  • Better collaboration with law firms – uncover opportunities for carriers to find standout firms and firms to be the go-to partner for their clients.
  • Managing outside firms and staff counsel – define and measure success.

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