10 Key Considerations When Selecting an E-Billing and Matter Management Solution


How to get there with the right tools

Today more than ever, corporate legal departments are looking to do more with less. Managing invoices manually, tracking matters in spreadsheets, and using disparate point solutions that each solve a single problem are no longer sustainable practices.

Many are turning to technology and investing in an e-Billing and matter management system to help meet these challenges. But selecting the right solution can be difficult. You need to be sure that the functionality and capabilities of the technology provider can meet your department’s unique needs and requirements.

This webinar will help those involved in corporate legal software and vendor selection better understand the benefits of e-Billing and matter management technology, as well as identify and explore the key considerations when choosing a system for your business.

Watch this webinar for more on:

  • The value of an integrated e-Billing and matter management system
  • Best practices on getting started with your investment
  • Key product and vendor considerations when choosing a system

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