Leveraging the Enterprise Legal Management Ecosystem for Growth


The benefits of an ELM ecosystem

There have been increasing corporate demands for accountability, transparency, manageability, and predictability of legal enterprise practices. Enterprise legal management (ELM) encompasses long-established business processes and technologies that are familiar to professionals in any corporate legal, claims litigation, or compliance department.

  • Leaders of corporate legal, compliance, and claims organizations and law firms face more complex demands and expanding roles, which call for more holistic technology solutions.
  • Single issue-focused technology solutions do not sufficiently address such complex issues, and siloed solutions can add complexity.
  • Learn how an integrated ELM ecosystem can simplify, improve collaboration, increase visibility, and enable more proactive and strategic management.
  • Discuss the benefits of expanding spend and matter management technology to other business systems.
  • Hear how other corporate law departments have successfully integrated matter and spend management with other systems and the benefits they have achieved.

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