ELM Solutions offers technology-based solutions for the corporate legal, GRC, insurance claims defense, and law firm markets. These solutions are delivered via Passport®, our patented ELM technology platform, TyMetrix® 360˚, our market-leading SaaS-based ELM software solution, and our LegalVIEW® data warehouse, the world’s largest source of legal performance data. Our customers use our solutions to make better business decisions, mitigate risk more effectively, work more collaboratively, and ultimately, deliver greater value to their clients. To learn more about how we help customers to address many of their most pressing business needs and concerns, visit one of the Market pages below:

Business Drivers

Below are just a few of the priorities and challenges that are driving business needs in today’s corporate legal, GRC, insurance, and law firm markets. Find out how our solutions are helping businesses to successfully meet these needs.

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