Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions custom analytics services provide corporations and law firms with expert consulting on analytics strategies to optimize business operations and improve the bottom line. Through a coordinated and collaborative process, which is led by analytical and legal industry experts, our team identifies and applies best practices that have been refined by our engagements with many of the world's most reputable companies, as well as law firms with complex and sophisticated needs.

  • All services leverage data-rich analytics, business intelligence, and benchmarking insights powered by LegalVIEW®, the world’s largest source of legal performance data
  • We have experience with hundreds of custom client engagements, both large and small
  • Services are performed by analytics and legal industry experts who understand how to apply the power of Big Data
  • Solutions are tailored to empower corporations and law firms to achieve their unique strategic objectives

Our custom analytics services are designed to help each client gain the insight required to address their toughest challenges and deliver results. Improve operational effectiveness and make better-informed decisions with a spectrum of services tailored to client needs such as:

Legal Performance Optimization
Our team performs a deep analysis of the client’s legal operations, using the findings to implement industry best practices. This service includes the analysis of five core performance segments, which are centered on improving the strategy and reducing the risk of leading corporations and law firms. The areas of analysis include:

  • Process and Policy
  • Sourcing
  • Analytics
  • Infrastructure
  • Spend/Pricing Management

Data Quality Assessments
This service includes an in-depth analysis of current and future data sources and uses a mix of qualitative and quantitative analysis methods to optimize the client’s analytics capabilities, data management, reporting, and metrics.

Peer Profile Benchmarking
This service includes a comparative analysis of the client’s rates, resources, practices, and results to a peer group of similarly-sized legal/claims departments or law firms.  This provides a reliable and accurate measure against which to benchmark performance and to inform go-forward business strategies.

Law Firm Scorecarding
This service enables the client to evaluate law firm performance holistically against its specific goals and objectives and gain insights to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.  Clients are equipped to track law firm metrics related to spend, timekeeper trends, rates, compliance, diversity, and more.