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LegalVIEW® Benchmark Data Integrated with Passport® ICD Law Firm Smart Select


Data-based decisioning with Law Firm Smart Select

Insurers, claims professionals, and staff counsel can now ensure they are assigning cases to law firms best suited to manage them at the most effective cost. 

With over $130 billion in legal spend data at their fingertips, Law Firm Smart Select allows insurers to analyze and benchmark against the industry’s largest set of spend data alongside their own internal metrics to make better case assignments and control legal costs.

See what's possible when Passport Claims Defense for e-billing and matter management software is integrated into the industry's largest and most complete database of $130 billion in legal invoices within the LegalVIEW database.

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Manage more cases than ever before while improving collaboration with outside counsel




“Being able to decisively select the right firm for the right case benefits both the claims organization and the policyholder. Extending the relevance of their own billing metrics with this unparalleled industry data set will be a significant leap forward for so many claims organizations’ litigation metrics programs.”

- Taylor Smith, President of CLM Advisors


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