Drive improvement to expense and loss ratios.

  • Passport’s superior ease-of-use and wide range of business process automation tools drive efficiency and consistency throughout case management processes, which helps to reduce the cost per case and improve claims quality

  • Robust cost control features, such as automated invoice audits and AFA management tools, deliver significant reduction in legal spend

  • Reporting and analytics capabilities offer insights to help optimize resource usage, find new cost savings opportunities, and identify the most effective case strategies for earlier and more accurate case resolutions

Gain insight into counsel performance and value and select the best legal resource for every case.

  • Passport's ability to benchmark the effectiveness of all counsel, including staff and outside firms, empowers insurers to become more strategic in their sourcing of legal work and optimize the assignment of cases to achieve better claims outcomes

  • Case closure workflow includes ability to rate firms to capture subjective analysis of a firm's performance, which feeds that data into the Law Firm Smart Select feature

  • Law Firm Smart Select functionality displays firm and attorney ratings, providing claims professionals with data to help them assign their cases to the best firms

  • LegalVIEW® analytics offerings, which are powered by the world’s largest repository of legal performance data, further enhance a carrier’s ability to benchmark panel management practices to improve counsel selection and engagement, as well as to understand litigation expense drivers
  • Sophisticated reporting and business intelligence enable the use of both subjective and objective firm performance metrics to understand the true value provided by counsel

Make a smart long-term technology investment.

  • The solution’s underlying platform architecture offers insurers maximum flexibility to support the unique and evolving business needs of claims and staff counsel operations

  • Client-side toolkits put the power in customers’ hands to adapt Passport to meet their changing business needs

  • Superior integration capabilities enable a seamless flow of information and processes across the organization, uniting Passport with claims management, document management, accounts payable, and other systems

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