eBillingDesk is the cost-efficient desktop solution that empowers legal professionals to quickly and easily create, edit, and convert legal invoices into all six LEDES-standard formats:  98B, 98BI, 98BIV2, XML2000, XML 2.0, and XML 2.1. eBillingDesk helps legal professionals to e-bill with confidence and ease with its ability to:

  • Streamline and automate billing efficiency
  • Reduce errors and improve billing accuracy
  • Speed up the receivables process and improve cash flow

**Windows Operating Systems Only**

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Key features of eBillingDesk include:

  • One-click conversion of legal invoices into any LEDES format
  • The flexibility to create new invoices or quickly import data from a time and billing system
  • Cut and paste features that reduce time-consuming data entry
  • Powerful validation features to ensure compliance with standard LEDES formats
  • Support for international taxes
  • The ability to create LEDES invoices for submission to any legal e-billing service
  • An intuitive desktop interface and design
  • The ability to quickly deploy the solution to a user’s desktop – no implementation time is required

Getting Started is Easy


Quickly deploy on your desktop with no implementation time


Easily input or import data from your existing invoice to create, edit, or convert into a LEDES format


Attach LEDES-compliant invoice and submit to e-billing platform