The Global E-Billing Tax Compliance Module complements our Passport® solutions’ inherent support for compliance with VAT requirements (or country-specific equivalent, such as TVA, MOMS, etc.).  The module provides optional features and services to streamline management of VAT invoices and meet unique, country-specific VAT regulations in key European jurisdictions or satisfy a company’s own internal compliance policies.

The design of the Global E-Billing Tax Compliance Module leverages our unparalleled experience with global e-billing deployments, the know-how of our local European staff, as well as our uniquely comprehensive understanding of the VAT regulations regarding e-billing. The module fully supports compliance with the EU VAT Directive’s requirements for an e-invoice’s content, transmission, and storage, while also offering a single, reliable approach to compliant e-billing across multiple European jurisdictions. Our comprehensive VAT solution incorporates the proven, technical methods for guaranteeing an e-invoice’s authenticity and integrity that are recognized throughout Europe and certified by leading tax authorities, leaving no room for the ambiguity that other solutions may invite and the subsequent risk of lengthy, in-depth tax audits.

Key features and services available with the Passport Global E-Billing Tax Compliance Module include:

  • Integrated, end-to-end digital signatures support, which enables legal service providers to embed an accredited digital signature in an e-invoice file and includes signature validation and reporting capabilities for the corporate client
  • VAT invoice correction support, which provides rules and reports that support automated processing of the request and submission of a revised e-invoice to correct an e-invoice that requires an adjustment
  • A set of best practices-based business rules in support of VAT compliance
  • Automated support for exporting invoices in original and human readable formats on a scheduled basis for archiving, as well as generating key reports for EDI audit purposes

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