ELM Solutions understands the business needs underlying the exchange of timekeeper, accrual, budget, and matter status-related data with outside counsel. The Passport® Collaboration Module not only streamlines the capture of this data, but also provides legal and claims departments with end-to-end support for key business processes, maximum control over data integrity, and richer data for analysis and reporting. Legal service providers benefit from improved communication with their clients and a streamlined and auditable approvals process for budgets, new timekeepers, and timekeeper rate changes.

The Passport Collaboration Module leverages our patented Passport Collaboration Portal, which is a secure pipeline that uses advanced security technologies for the transmission of data and information between companies and their legal service providers. The portal makes collaboration with outside counsel easy and efficient, while also enabling companies to meet highly stringent data security standards that may be driven by regulatory or IT requirements.

Key features of the Passport Collaboration Module include:

  • End-to-end support for the electronic request, receipt, and review of budget, timekeeper, accrual, and matter status information from legal service providers
  • A set of fully-configurable, best practices-based templates, business rules, workflows, and reports that are used to standardize, audit, review, and analyze the data and information captured from outside counsel
  • Client-configurable collaboration templates ensure that each legal or claims department can consistently capture the exact data it needs from all legal service providers, enforcing uniformity to support better reporting and analysis
  • Bulk download/upload feature for legal service providers that makes it quick and easy to fulfill client requests
  • External parties never directly access the client’s application – all data is exchanged through the Passport Collaboration Portal to maximize security