New features driven by client research and demand provide enhanced collaboration, improved mobile application and multi-browser capability

Hartford, Conn., May 20, 2013 – TyMetrix, the global leader in intelligent solutions for managing the business of law, today released an advanced user interface for its global TyMetrix 360˚platform, which enables legal professionals to access and manage legal matters, invoices, claims and e-billing. The updated platform provides users with increased functionality, allowing for quicker access to important documents to make better, faster decisions, saving users time to focus on their core tasks. In addition, the platform responds to today’s changing work styles of legal professionals, providing enhanced mobile and multi-browser capabilities, and easier collaboration between corporate law departments and law firms.

“Workloads have increased, and many more professionals – from lawyers, to paralegals, to administrative personnel – are now involved in critical matter and billing decisions at law departments and law firms,” said Julie Peck, general manager, TyMetrix. “TyMetrix 360˚ allows users to have improved access to the right information to make those decisions, and with optimized mobile performance, T360˚ gives them the flexibility to obtain this information anywhere and at any time.”

The transformational new features of the TyMetrix 360˚system were designed with input directly from clients via a unique, first of its kind, user-centered design study. TyMetrix initiated this study by surveying its clients that sampled a cross-section of users from law departments and law firms, including general counsel, managing attorneys, paralegals, administrative personnel, claims professionals and billing managers. TyMetrix performed site visits to over 50 corporate law departments and half a dozen law firms over a six month period to see first-hand the different workflow habits of various users. These participants were also part of the ongoing development of the new user interface.

“TyMetrix T360˚ leapfrogs even the most modern e-billing and matter management platforms available, with revolutionary performance that adapts to legal professionals’ work habits and reflects their evolving workload pressures, helping them capture, organize and access information quicker and easier. TyMetrix has a long history of being at the forefront of legal technology development, and now we are proud to pioneer a collaborative workspace between corporation law departments and law firms to manage the business of law,” said Peck.

Four main themes emerged from the user-centered design study, which TyMetrix 360˚ has incorporated further:

  • “Make it Easier to Use”: Users consider the matter to be the focal point of the platform, so TyMetrix 360˚ includes an innovative Matter Dossier, or file folder, that presents all of the information related to a matter in an organized fashion that is easy to use. The navigation provides the most intuitive user experience in the industry, with easier access to recent matters, eliminating the need to conduct manual searches. The platform integrates with the Microsoft Outlook email structure, eliminating the need to switch applications. This supports a higher level of productivity by keeping TyMetrix 360˚ on the same platform that legal professionals use to receive information and communicate.
  • “Help me make better decisions fast”: TyMetrix 360˚ cuts down on the number of clicks, or the amount of time it takes to update a case, approve an invoice, or open a matter through the Matter Dossier. This is part of a unique approach to bring data to the point of action, or make the information available at the moment a user clicks on a function. It is now easier to determine whether a matter or invoice requires special attention or whether budgets need to be revised.
  • “Show only what’s important to me”: Each user has a different function, focus and frequency when engaged with TyMetrix 360˚. Clients can now personalize the homepage with “gadgets,” or moveable windows to accommodate user habits and preferences. For example, matters and invoices that are most often used can be front-and-center for seamless access and to save time.
  • “Make collaboration easier”: TyMetrix 360˚ promotes more efficient communication between corporations and law firms that saves time and reduces errors. The advanced user interface makes it easier to determine whether tighter collaboration is needed with outside counsel. This represents the vision of servicing the whole team – not just the corporate law department, but law firm partners as well.

TyMetrix 360˚ was modified to adapt to evolving users work styles by focusing on the following:

  • Flexibility and choice: TyMetrix 360˚ allows users to access the platform from the most popular and current browsers, providing them with more flexibility and choice.
  • Obtain information anytime, anywhere: The TyMetrix 360˚ mobile app first launched in November 2012 as the first mobile application providing fast, integrated invoice management for corporate law and claims departments on multiple smart devices. Version 2.0 now offers the ability to adjust and reject line items.

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