Quantitative Study Explores Matter Strategies, Costs and Sourcing Practices

IMPACT Analysis Series: Sourcing Practices provides insight into how corporate law departments are choosing to source legal matters, in terms of the number and mix of firms used. The categories of study include an analysis by practice area, industry, corporate revenue range, and outside counsel spend.

All information used for the IMPACT Analysis Series is drawn from the TyMetrix Legal Analytics LegalVIEW® data warehouse, which contains more than $40 billion in legal spend data, 380 million hours of legal services, 17,000 law firms and vendors, and 275,000 timekeepers’ data from a growing set of contributing corporations, law firms, and industry resources. Huron Legal analyzed the data using expertise developed from working with law departments and law firms to pull trends and key findings designed to help clients improve operational effectiveness.

Some of the key findings in the IMPACT Analysis Series: Sourcing Practices include the following: 

  • Corporations allocated 80% of their outside counsel spend to a relatively small number of firms, as compared to the whole
  • Annual revenue of a corporation had a direct correlation to the number of firms sourced for legal services work
  • Outside counsel spend corresponded to the number of firms sourced
  • Overall, firms with between 100 and 500 attorneys received the greatest share of outside counsel spend

“This report—and the series as a whole—offers a unique combination of data and partnering that is crucial to the corporate legal community, as it relates to legal spend on sourcing,” said Julie Peck, general manager, TyMetrix. “Using TyMetrix LegalVIEW data warehouse allows Huron Legal to analyze an aggregate of data that includes billions of legal dollars spanning from 2007-2011 to identify insights and trends nationwide that can help corporate law departments formulate or update their sourcing strategies.”

“The 2012 IMPACT Analysis Series combines the granularity and volume of data in TyMetrix’s LegalVIEW warehouse with the strength of Huron Legal’s IMPACT methodology, tools and experience,” said Joy Saphla, managing director, Huron Legal. “The reports resulting from this collaboration contain impactful, data-driven cost control benchmarks that can help law departments and law firms improve their operational effectiveness and efficiencies in a systematic way.”

The first report in the series, Staffing Allocation, analyzed law firm staffing models and trends, also based on actual billing records drawn from the TyMetrix Legal Analytics LegalVIEW data warehouse. The IMPACT Analysis Series reports are available for purchase online at http://wvw.tymetrix.com/products/legal-analytics/2/legalview/.

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