Partnership with Ascertus Limited, One of Many that Drive Datacert’s Global Partner Network, Continues the Evolution of the Passport Ecosystem

HOUSTON, August 9, 2012 – Datacert, Inc., the premier global provider of enterprise legal management solutions, announced today an enhanced partnership with Ascertus Limited that extends the company’s reach in Europe. Ascertus is now an authorized reseller of Passport®, Datacert’s patent-pending technology platform, as well as its matter management and legal spend management applications, to corporate legal departments in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Ascertus is one of the more than 40 members of Datacert’s growing, global partner network that all play an essential role in the Passport ecosystem.

The Datacert Partner Program consists of leading legal and enterprise solution and technology providers, including Technology Partners that have solutions that complement Passport and extend its capabilities, Solution Providers, such as Ascertus, that consult, resell, and/or provide implementation, configuration, or integration services for Datacert clients, andStrategic Alliance Partners that provide foundational technologies essential to Datacert’s ability to deliver enterprise-class products and services.

"Most global legal organizations suffer from an overload of systems that do not operate as one ecosystem – making it difficult to successfully accomplish important tasks on an enterprise-level," said Jim Tallman, president and chief executive officer of Datacert. "Passport levels the playing field by providing a platform that unites legal systems into one secure, collaborative solution. With Datacert technology, each partner contributes its own unique expertise or solution to accelerate the growth and reach of the Passport ecosystem and thus the value of it to each client. The end result is an enterprise-wide solution that meets each corporate legal department's unique requirements and – even more importantly – will evolve as their business does."

"Passport has been tremendously well-received in EMEA, and seeing this success spurred Ascertus' decision to expand its relationship with Datacert," said Roy Russell, managing director of Ascertus, which was recently acquired by Huron Consulting Group. "As a reseller of Passport, I can now share this technology platform directly with my corporate clients in Benelux and Scandinavia, while also establishing a deeper and more beneficial partnership with Datacert."

This move into Benelux and Scandinavia via the Ascertus partnership augments Datacert’s existing sales force and efforts in EMEA, which were established in 2005.

Datacert first announced Ascertus as a services partner in March, along with Datalynx, Duff & Phelps, Huron Legal, and Mosaic Consulting. In addition to these partners, the Datacert Partner Program includes a breadth of Technology Partners, such as:

  • IBM – IBM's content management system, FileNet, and legal hold system, Atlas, can be integrated with Passport, providing seamless access to key content and data in these systems; IBM Cognos is embedded into Passport as its core business intelligence engine, providing comprehensive visibility into data across systems built on or integrated with Passport
  • Exterro – Exterro Fusion Legal Holds can be integrated with Passport, which streamlines the management of matters involving preservation holds
  • OpenText – The OpenText document management system can be integrated with Passport, providing easy access to matter-related documents
  • TrustWeaver – TrustWeaver’s digital signatures solution is embedded into Passport as part of its Global eBilling Tax Compliance Module

To learn more about the Datacert Partner Program, contact or visit our Datacert Partners page. For more information about Passport, please contact Datacert at 800-780-3681 or e-mail (North American inquiries) or (international inquiries).