Our Solution Providers include a global network of services partners and authorized resellers. Services partners can assist in the scoping, design, and implementation of a client’s entire Enterprise Legal Management system, and even extend the value of the client’s technology investment by developing new functionality to support unique needs. They are required to participate in ongoing product training to ensure that they maintain their expertise as new features become available. In addition, key services partners have attained formal certification via our training organization to solidify their expertise in providing implementation and/or technical services for our software. ELM Solutions authorized resellers provide clients with a single source for procurement of our software and the accompanying services.


Consilio is a global leader in eDiscovery, document review and legal consulting services. Consilio supports multinational law firms and corporations using innovative software, cost-effective managed services and deep legal and regulatory industry expertise. The company has extensive experience in litigation, HSR second requests, internal and regulatory investigations, eDiscovery, information governance and compliance, law department management, document review, contract management and legal analytics. ISO 27001 certified, the company operates offices and data centers across Europe, Asia and the Americas. For more information, please visit www.consilio.com.

Duff & Phelps – Passport Implementation Certified

Duff & Phelps Corporation is a leading provider of independent advisory and investment banking services, supporting client needs principally in the areas of valuation, transactions, financial restructurings, taxation, legal management consulting and disputes. Their world-class capabilities and resources, combined with an agile and responsive delivery, distinguish our clients' experience in working with us. With offices in North America, Europe and Asia, Duff & Phelps is committed to fulfilling our mission is to empower people and organizations to significantly improve their performance capabilities. 

Their Legal Management Consulting practice helps corporate legal departments, law firms and governmental agencies improve business performance, spend management and organizational effectiveness on a sustainable basis supported by actionable plans that generate tangible and measurable results.

The specialized team of professionals has extensive experience and knowledge of the legal industry. They leverage deep knowledge of the legal function, its sourcing practices and underlying technologies to advise clients on best practices and to deliver practical and sustainable solutions. Their experience working in corporate legal departments and law firms paired with their knowledge of the legal technology marketplace puts them in a unique position to provide recommendations and end to end process and technical services. For more information, visit www.duffandphelps.com.

HBR Consulting

HBR Consulting delivers advisory, managed services, and software solutions that increase productivity and profitability, while mitigating risk for law firms, law departments and corporations. Thought leaders with decades of experience, we deliver value to our clients. HBR has long-term relationships working with 90 percent of Am Law 200 law firms and 35 percent of Fortune 500 corporate law departments.

The Law Department Consulting team provides a broad range of Advisory and Implementation services.  They have a deep bench of resources focused on legal technology, from strategic assessments and roadmaps to the full implementation life cycle and associated change management. For more information, visit www.hbrconsulting.com.

Mosaic Consulting

Mosaic Consulting provides expert consulting services to the corporate legal community. With over sixty years of combined experience in the corporate legal field, Mosaic Consulting provides expert consulting services to the corporate legal community. Mosaic enables its clients to optimize the power of their legal information and achieve a significant return on their investment through gains in efficiency, data accessibility and cost savings. With staff based in Atlanta and Wisconsin, Mosaic’s core competencies include work flow process analysis, matter management, business intelligence, and technical services. For more information, visit www.mosaic-consulting.com.


OmniVere, LLC is a global services firm responding to the most difficult legal matter management and data risk challenges. With decades of experience in all stages of the corporate data lifecycle, from pre-matter consulting through legal hold, trial and ultimate disposition of data, OmniVere is uniquely positioned to minimize corporate risk while delivering unparalleled efficiency before, during, and after legal, regulatory and compliance proceedings. The firm provides services to companies in the energy, financial services, healthcare, insurance, technology and government sectors and to their legal counsel. For more information about OmniVere go to www.omnivere.com.


Technology Services Group was founded in 1996 with an exclusive focus on Enterprise Content Management and related solutions. They have locations in Chicago and Kansas City and provide services and solutions to clients nationwide. Their focus is on developing a long-term client relationship.  For their clients, that means they can offer knowledgeable and consistent resources over the course of multiple projects at cost-effective rates.  Clients look for innovation, whether that is leveraging open source solutions or evaluating different project or design decisions.  While TSG partners with many of the top ECM companies, they remain product-neutral and recommend based on the best interest of the client, not necessarily what will drive software revenue for their software partners.  For more information, visit www.tsgrp.com.


UnitedLex is a global provider of technology-powered services that delivers industry-leading legal, cyber risk and business strategies and solutions. Our team of lawyers, project managers, and technicians is over 2,000 strong and deployed in major hubs around the United States and the world. We provide Law Departments with a clear path towards transformation, including:

  • Strategic Alignment: How the Law Department can maximize its value contribution. 
  • Business Case: Quantification of the economic impact. 
  • Solutions: Implementation support and alternative resources for on-going legal work.

Our passion for what we do translates to significant benefit for our clients. In addition to millions of dollars of cost savings and risk mitigation, we deliver revenue creation and acceleration and pervasive efficiency gains. The result: better legal and business outcomes. For more information, visit www.unitedlex.com.