New Passport application eliminates time-consuming manual processing

Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions launches a new Legal Service Request application for its Passport® Enterprise Legal Management platform. The new offering helps corporate legal departments easily manage and monitor the internal legal service requests they receive from across their organization.ELM Solutions provides enterprise software solutions that facilitate workflow and collaboration across the legal community.

Managing thousands of internal annual legal service requests takes time and resources, and when managed poorly, can lead to missed requests and frustrated colleagues. Using spreadsheets, email, and SharePoint often does not provide required tracking, control, and accountability.

Passport Legal Service Request addresses these challenges by providing a central point for intake and storage of all service requests, along with related documentation, and helps resolve requests in a timely manner. The solution increases efficiency and cost effectiveness of legal department operations by expediting request submission, assignment, and reporting. It also provides internal requesters a consistent method for requesting services and tracking status so they can focus on their work without the need to chase down outstanding requests. The new launch also utilizes Passport’s workflow and automated notifications to enhance collaboration and improve communication between legal staff and internal stakeholders.

“To become a more strategic business partner to their enterprise, corporate legal departments must find new ways to enhance their value,” said Barry Ader, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at ELM Solutions. “Passport Legal Services Request provides the dual benefit of driving efficiency and accountability into the request process, while creating a better user experience for the internal customers of legal services.”