From in-house counsel to information governance specialists and legal executives, women corporate legal professionals are directing and leading efforts at some of the largest and most impactful technology companies around the country.

But far too often, these professionals are the exception rather than the norm. The corporate legal tech sector, after all, remains largely underrepresented by women practitioners.

This gender imbalance is not one that is easily explained or solved. But one thing is certain—the current efforts of women legal technology professionals are paving the way for future generations to continue chipping away at gender barriers and make even more progress toward a fully representative and diverse corporate world.

For International Women's Day, Legaltech News interviewed five women trailblazers to discuss challenges they faced over their distinguished careers, their advice to future generations, and their thoughts how to promote a more gender-balanced legal tech environment.

What advice do you have for women looking to start corporate legal technology careers?

Linda Hovanec, senior director of product management, Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions:

I would encourage everyone to understand the role that technology can play in providing data and insights. More than ever, corporate legal departments are being asked to act as strategic business partners in their organizations. Technology today can help by providing greater insights that lead to better decision-making in support of both business and legal goals.