Wolters Kluwer vice president and general manager Jonah Paransky chats about the changing legal technology market.

As expectations for technology and design are quickly becoming more mature and in line with the broader tech sector, the corporate legal technology market is rapidly evolving . For Jonah Paransky, who recently joined Wolters Kluwer 's ELM Solutions as its new executive vice president and general manager, this evolution is just as exciting as the early years of legal technology itself.

Legaltech News spoke with Paransky to get an idea of what defines this new era, and the types of opportunities and challenges it brings.

What got you interested in legal technology?

While I spent the first part of my career as a product manager and marketing leader engaged in software, SaaS and managed services, I found the legal technology industry particularly intriguing from a marketing perspective. At the time, companies in many sectors had deep operational challenges and desire to drive better performance, but did not have great technology solutions to meet those challenges. This was especially true in the legal software vertical.

However, the economic slowdown brought pressure on both corporate legal departments and firms to invest and use technology to enable better outcomes for their customers. The pressure of the downturn provided the necessary organizational stress for companies to take the leap in investing in technology and organization change to drive better outcomes.

How have you see the job of developing and bringing to market legal technology change over your career?

Today, expectations for enterprise software have changed. End-users expect software to be as easy to use as their mobile devices and other software products. The more we can embed our software into the day-to-day user experience, the better off we are.

Of course, with the advances of the technology, we have more capability to capture and manage data across an organization in exciting and visual ways. Harvesting this data will bring better insights and decision-making while increasing operational efficiency and cost savings.