Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions Legal Holds module is an intuitive, easy to use solution that automates the assignment, notification, and administration of custodian acknowledgements. From creating hold notifications to issuing a legal hold, to tracking and managing acknowledgements, the solution provides an efficient and systematic way to automate your legal holds workflow and reduce your organizational risk

Drive operational efficiencies and execution speed to issue, release, and track legal holds in your organization.

  • Execute legal holds with greater speed and efficiency
  • Reduce time consuming, cumbersome, and costly manual processes
  • Create a well-constructed, repeatable, and systemic process that is easy for your staff to use
  • Establish defensible proof with built in reporting capabilities

Tracks key performance metrics with reporting that gives you visibility and transparency into your legal holds process.

  • Record custodian acknowledgements and easily track changes in custodian status
  • Document custodian responses and non-responses for compliance
  • Establish a defensible and repeatable process with pre-built reports that minimize the risk of potential court sanctions

Unifies disparate processes with an intuitive, easy to use, solution that integrates seamlessly with your Enterprise Legal Management system

  • Securely integrates with external third-party systems
  • Seamlessly integrates with both Passport® and TyMetrix® 360° Enterprise Legal Management systems
  • Offers a simple, intuitive, user experience that is familiar with your existing applications