Whitepaper: Making the Business Case for a CLM Solution

Whitepaper: Making the Business Case for a CLM Solution

Effective contract management is important for the commercial success of any business.

So says Gartner, referencing market growth rates of 18% to back this claim up. The bottom line is: manual processes don’t cut it anymore.

This whitepaper will help you make your case for an automated contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution, including steps like:

  • Document existing workflow processes (or lack thereof)
    Don’t be discouraged if this raises questions that are difficult to answer or uncovers missing steps. These weaknesses will support your case for CLM software.
  • Consider the “What’s in it for me?” factor
    Contracts affect several stakeholders across the organization. Make sure you address the benefits and pain points for different teams in their language.
  • Don't forget to communicate ROI
    The bigger price to pay is the cost of doing nothing at all. Read a potential use case that highlights projected savings, optimized profits and total ROI. 

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