Webinar: How to Take a Strategic Approach to Outside Counsel Management

Learn how a multinational company, renowned for best-in-class supply chain practices, took an innovative approach to outside counsel management and associated cost control to recognize $3.1 million in initial adjustments with estimated total savings up to $2.4 million upon resolution of appeals. 

By applying laser-focus to the bill review process, they were able to see results far beyond cost savings and ultimately a way to advance their leadership in the industry.

View this webinar at any time to see how they were able to:

  • Find five times the adjustment dollars, moving from $612,000 to catching $3.1 million in initial savings.
  • Actively engage law firms to refine behavior, leading to faster case resolution, less adjustments needed over time, and less work for internal teams and outside counsel.
  • Continuously evolve for hard and soft savings with improved billing guidelines, tailored engagement strategies, and industry leading benchmarking.

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