Is It Time to Automate? MCC Interviews Kevin Caulfield on Leveraging ELM Technology

Eager to avoid being seen as cost centers, law departments are increasingly leveraging technology. In this Metropolitan Corporate Counsel interview, Kevin Caulfield explains how many are showing they are good business partners within their organization by focusing on initiatives that will help reduce costs and generate revenue.

To Caulfield, one of the ways this can be achieved is through enterprise legal management technology. Although many long-established corporate legal departments have already made good use of this technology, he says, there are many growing companies that still may not realize the benefits of an enterprise legal management solution.

Catch up on the MCC article for more including :

  • Trends and priorities for legal departments that lead them to consider an ELM system
  • Why ELM isn't one-size-fits-all and limited to the Fortune 500
  • Things to keep in mind when deciding on a system and how to make the business case to upper management

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