How One of the Largest Pharmaceutical Companies in the World Addresses Legal Cost Management Challenges

With a rich 125-year history, this innovative global healthcare leader is committed to improving health and well-being around the world. So they focus on innovative ways to meet client needs. As a long-standing TyMetrix® 360° client, they understand how a great enterprise legal management solution gives added visibility to crucial data that not only aids litigation efforts but ultimately helps them deliver better products.

Read on for how they met certain challenges with an integrated, data-driven ELM solution - and the benefits realized.


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About The Expert

Linda Hovanec

Linda Hovanec is a seasoned legal professional who has worked in the business of law for over 25 years. In her current role, she drives innovation in the core product lines of ELM Solutions, incorporating best-in-class contextual design methodologies into product development processes and using real-world data to align product roadmaps with client needs.

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