eBook: The Path to CLM Vendor Selection Success

eBook: The Path to CLM Vendor Selection Success

The benefits of a contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution are clear: streamlined and automated contract workflows that eliminate bottlenecks, increase revenue, and lower risk.

However, selecting a CLM vendor can be overwhelming, considering how many vendors there are to choose from and the number of solutions that seem pretty similar on the surface.

You may want to jump right into scheduling demos, but it’s impossible to know if a vendor can meet your needs if you don’t know exactly what those needs are.

This eBook has three key areas to consider to set yourself up for selection success:

  • Current state: What are your current contract management challenges, and where do you need the most improvement
  • Vendor capabilities: How automated is the solution, and how much custom code is required to update existing workflows?
  • Team experience: Does the vendor’s implementation team have a solid history of successful and timely go-lives?

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