Six Key Factors that Drive Law Firm Rates

Outside counsel fees are the single largest driver of legal department budget increases for 2014. Understanding the factors that contribute to law firm rates is critical to making better, more informed decisions that optimize performance and value. In this session, ELM Solutions and CEB experts share key findings from the 2014 Real Rate Report, the legal industry's leading benchmark report on attorney rates and matter costs.

About The Expert

Bill Sowinski

Bill Sowinski directs all decision support services at ELM Solutions. In this role, Bill leads an expert team in the design of client legal spend analyses and benchmarking disciplines based on each organization’s specific needs. He works with clients to structure and analyze their legal data, helping to develop and deploy measured strategies that improve legal and claims department performance. A litigation expert and a pioneer in the legal analytics space, Bill has extensive experience working with key clients across myriad industries.

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