Contract Lifecycle Management

May 5, 2020
The inaugural webinar in the Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions series Legal Ops ACCELERATE was held on April 23 rd and provided valuable information about an important step in the contract lifecycle management (CLM) implementation process: legacy contract migration. Lee Matthews, New Ventures Strategy...Read more
April 24, 2020
As so many of us have shifted over the last few weeks to working from home and avoiding travel, we at Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions are committed to ensuring that we find other ways to keep in touch with you, provide training opportunities, and continue to offer the thought leadership you are...Read more
Whitepaper: Making the Business Case for a Contract Lifecycle Management Solution
Effective contract management is important for the commercial success of any business. So says Gartner, referencing market growth rates of 18% to back this claim up. The bottom line is: manual processes don’t cut it anymore. This whitepaper will help you make your case for an automated contract...
ebook: The Path to CLM Implementation Success
You selected a contract lifecycle management (CLM) vendor that meets all your defined requirements. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll see lowered risk, improved efficiencies and increased profits – benefits that a CLM system can bring to the table. Download the eBook for points to address to...
March 3, 2020 by Lee Matthews
Legalweek 2020 offered an opportunity to present to attendees about a topic I am passionate about: contract lifecycle management (CLM). I co-presented with Lauryn Haake, managing director in the Legal Technology practice within the Advisory business at HBR Consulting, who has a great deal of...Read more
ebook: The Path to CLM Vendor Selection Success
The benefits of a contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution are clear: streamlined and automated contract workflows that eliminate bottlenecks, increase revenue, and lower risk. However, selecting a CLM vendor can be overwhelming, considering how many vendors there are to choose from and the...
November 6, 2019
Contract lifecycle management (CLM) is an exciting but relatively new aspect of the corporate legal business. That’s why Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions made sure to include a session to help our conference attendees understand how contract lifecycle management technology could benefit them and what...Read more
October 8, 2019 by Lee Matthews
This article was originally published by Legaltech News . It’s funny how some of the most important aspects of running a business can also be the things that tend to drag businesses down. Contracts are an excellent case in point. While contracts are essential, managing them can be a labor-intensive...Read more