Artificial Intelligence for the Insurance Industry


Next gen technology to supercharge your business

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a huge disruptor in the insurance industry. While many in the industry are still trying to understand what AI is and what it can do, companies are already using AI to transform their business – both for themselves and their clients.

To stay competitive, carriers need to seize the opportunity AI presents to streamline processes to better serve their policyholders and control costs throughout the enterprise.

The best way to use it? Bringing the power of AI together with your team’s expertise to automate repetitive, manual parts of your day – like legal bill review. This combination gives you the tools to supercharge your current processes and drive significant cost savings, compliance and productivity.

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  • A better understanding of what AI is (and is not) and what it can do.
  • How AI is changing the business landscape for insurance.
  • Ways you can benefit, including actual results of savings and compliance from AI-assisted legal bill review.

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Whitepaper: AI in Claims Litigation - Meeting Challenges and Predicting the Future

Claims litigation tends to suffer from a great deal of noise. And identifying useful insights in the context of all that noise can be difficult and painstaking.

Tech like machine learning and natural language processing separate the signal from the noise. They pull out the most important information from the massive amounts of extraneous data that claims departments pull in.

AI can also automate many parts of the claims process, resulting in greater efficiencies, reduced costs, and more accurate claims.

Whitepaper: AI in Claims Litigation

Insights-driven bill review - yes, it's possible

Our AI engine finds patterns within your invoices and flags likely violations.

The bill review team then analyzes the line items and feeds the final results back into the AI engine – creating a continuous feedback loop, so the AI actually learns and gets smarter over time.

Less errors, more compliance, increased efficiency.

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Call sales at +1 800 780 3681