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  • ELM Solutions is a business of Wolters Kluwer, a market-leading global information services company
  • We have 14 offices across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific
  • Each year, over $130 billion dollars’ worth of invoices are processed through our e-billing network
  • Our LegalVIEW® data warehouse is the world’s largest repository of legal performance data

Did you know?

  • 130+ of our clients are Fortune® /Fortune Global 500 companies
  • 100% of Am Law 200 and Am Law Global 100 firms are ELM Solutions customers
  • ELM Solutions has customers in 190+ countries

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ELM Solutions:

  • Has completed 700+ software implementations worldwide
  • Is a member of the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA)
  • Is Safe Harbor certified



CLM Matrix
Contract Lifecycle Management



CLM Matrix is delivered from the global leader in legal software to enable the transformation of end-to-end contract lifecycle management (CLM) processes to drive productivity, risk mitigation, and profit optimization. Our 100% configurable platform will support the rapid implementation of an intuitive solution with native Microsoft Office integration to support high rates of adoption with minimal training for a low total cost of ownership.


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Contract lifecycle management for agile legal and business operations

Market-leading solution
Top 3 rated "Strong Performer"
by Forrester Q1 CLM Wave Report


Integrates with the Microsoft Office Suite
Seamless Microsoft® Office integration
for ease of use

Rapid no-code, development-free implementation
No code configurable to meet legal and business policy needs


Multi-language and multi-culture capabilities
Multi-language interface and contract
build for global enterprise deployments

Top 10 Contract Lifecycle Management Requirements to Include In Your Next RFP

Defining your requirements for a contract lifecycle management solution is an often overlooked step during the RFP process.

With so many vendors to sift through, features can start to look the same, making it easy to choose an inadequate system that won’t solve your unique organizational challenges.

But taking the time to deep dive into the top functional areas of contract management can help you shorten cycle time, maximize productivity, and increase profits.

Download this eBook for the top 10 RFP requirements that will help you:

  • Drive user adoption with streamlined and compliant contract assembly processes.
  • Lower risk through powerful, flexible and automated workflows.
  • Optimize profits via actionable data and robust reporting.
  • Achieve ROI faster with a well-defined implementation process and a solution that scales as your business grows.

Top 10 CLM RFP

The Path to CLM Vendor Selection Success

The benefits of a contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution are clear: streamlined and automated contract workflows that eliminate bottlenecks, increase revenue, and lower risk.

However, selecting a CLM vendor can be overwhelming, considering how many vendors there are to choose from and the number of solutions that seem pretty similar on the surface.

You may want to jump right into scheduling demos, but it’s impossible to know if a vendor can meet your needs if you don’t know exactly what those needs are.

This eBook has three key areas to consider to set yourself up for selection success:

  • Current state: What are your current contract management challenges, and where do you need the most improvement?
  • Vendor capabilities: How automated is the solution, and how much custom code is required to update existing workflows?
  • Team experience: Does the vendor’s implementation team have a solid history of successful and timely go-lives?

Path to CLM Vendor Success

It's summer all year round with our CLM Summer Webinar Series

CLM Summer Webinar Series

Learn how to drive CLM success – no matter the stage you’re in today – with 30 minutes of tips and discussions to ensure a positive CLM journey.

Get a live demo of CLM Matrix for a closer look at how our solution can transform the way you manage your contracts, agreements and other important documents.

And watch the webinar to dive into key questions to ask vendors – as well as internal requirements to define beforehand – to set yourself up for a successful implementation.