Did you know…?

  • ELM Solutions is a business of Wolters Kluwer, a market-leading global information services company
  • We have 14 offices across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific
  • Each year, over $18 billion dollars’ worth of invoices are processed through our e-billing network
  • Our LegalVIEW® data warehouse is the world’s largest repository of legal performance data

Did you know?

  • 130+ of our clients are Fortune® /Fortune Global 500 companies
  • 100% of Am Law 200 and Am Law Global 100 firms are ELM Solutions customers
  • ELM Solutions has customers in 190+ countries

With the Passport® Connector Library, it’s easy to integrate Passport with best-in-class solutions from our Technology Partners

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ELM Solutions:

  • Has completed 700+ software implementations worldwide
  • Is a member of the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA)
  • Is Safe Harbor certified



"It's not enough to solve problems well. You have to provide a best-in-class end-to-end experience."

Jonah Paransky, ELM Solutions
EVP and General Manager



Creating a superior customer experience matters

Being the industry leader in ELM solutions means making sure your legal teams always have what they need to work efficiently. But don’t take our word for it – see what companies around the world have to say about delivering higher business value with innovative solutions.

Our clients’ success stories speak for themselves

Hear what our customers are saying about working with ELM Solutions and using our solutions.

Greater visibility and control with Passport®


"We live in Outlook, so to be able to approve an invoice in Outlook, to be able to work within your matters within Outlook and also Word - that sealed the deal for us."

TyMetrix® 360° delivers value and efficiency


"TyMetrix 360° does everything. T360° is the hub."

Increase billing guideline compliance with LegalVIEW® BillAnalyzer


 "Although the initial benefit is a reduction in expense, the long-term benefit is really the increase in compliance with the guidelines. We're seeing that long-term goal now."

Industry-leading service and
AI-driven expertise


"ELM's (BillAnalyzer) team has been fantastic."

Free up internal teams to focus on their core tasks


 "A claims person who's faced with a full docket of claims to manage, as well as all the other issues, receiving a bill that's the size of the Manhattan yellow pages - they simply don't have the time or the ability to go through it the way we've found LegalVIEW BillAnalyzer could."

Improving efficiency to drive the best results


"Although we're moving the task outside of the company, the task is getting performed as effectively and as efficiently as it previously was - in fact, even more so than it was by our own employees."

World-class service
and support


"The support that we receive on our different enhancement requests...is just phenomenal."

Bill review that leverages seasoned experts and cutting-edge technology


"TyMetrix 360° has been a critical difference-maker in terms of doing bill review, and it's really improved our efficiency."

Delivering on each customer's specific needs


"ELM was the most flexible platform."

Why choose ELM Solutions as your ELM provider?



We have dedicated sales and support teams continuously managing our clients' requests.


Our customer programs constantly solicit feedback to better understand customer needs while monitoring market trends and insights.


We have a dedicated in-house training organization that provides continuous education and resources to support our clients’ success.


We deliver value by making investments in new products, product enhancements, and services to help meet your critical legal functions.


Be an ELM Solutions client advocate

When you join our program and speak to how ELM Solutions helps your business succeed, you’ll have many opportunities to participate and will enjoy the benefits and incentives of our rewards program:

  • Participate in our user groups or ELM events, sharing your success story.

  • Join our conversation on social media or speak on our press interviews or blog articles.

  • Appear in our case studies or testimonial videos.



What’s in it for me?

  • When you complete one of these activities, you earn a free pass to our user conference.

  • You can also accumulate rewards for up to 30% off our services or training programs.



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In fact, 130+ clients are Fortune/Fortune Global 500 companies. And, 100% of Am Law 200 firms are ELM Solutions customers.