Claims Defense Metrics Maturity Guide
Five Key Disciplines for Creating Excellent Metrics



Drive Precise and Better Informed Decisions

All insurers have huge amounts of information about litigated claims, including their resulting cost and loss. That information is a huge opportunity to improve case management if captured carefully and strategically applied.

This guide explains the five essential disciplines needed to understand HOW to think about metrics, TYPES of metrics to build, and WHAT practices must be in place to make information accurate and actionable:

  • Access to business intelligence
  • A commitment to data integrity
  • Effective use of segmented data
  • Aggressive use of five types of reports
  • Senior management buy-in and support

Download the guide now and identify the most important internal disciplines that will support consistent metrics.

Download the guide

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Business intelligence allows for the easy creation of both high-level and granular reports. Understand the needs of your audience and generate reports that give them the metrics they most need. 





CLM Webinar: Operationalizing Analytics Using Dashboards

Imagine simple, quick insights into your claims litigation program. Dashboards are a great way to turn complex data into visualizations, giving you the full picture without the need to deep dive or parse through larger reports.

This webinar covers types of analytics to include, matching the right dashboards to the right audiences, best methods for metrics-based decision-making and more.

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