June 3, 2019 by Terry Sadowski
In May of this year, as legal operations professionals gathered in Las Vegas for the 2019 CLOC Institute , Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions made an announcement that had a profound effect on the enterprise legal management (ELM) and contract lifecycle management (CLM) markets: the ELM market leader...Read more
May 31, 2019 by Vince Venturella
This is the second part in a series by Vince Venturella on the future of claims litigation technology. Part one was about predictive analytics in insurance claims defense. This post focuses on how AI technologies can help claims professionals work more efficiently and effectively. In the next post...Read more
May 3, 2019 by Vince Venturella
This is the first part in a series by Vince Venturella on the future of claims litigation technology. Part one focuses on predictive analytics. In subsequent posts, Vince will cover artificial intelligence (AI) technologies as they apply to claims and tools that support “red flagging” of potential...Read more
April 15, 2019 by Jeffrey Solomon
No matter how turnkey or intuitive a technology is, there is a good deal of basic management that goes along with it – user support, supporting version updates, customizations, and more, in addition to general legal operations tasks, such as reporting, and managing operational processes, such as...Read more
April 11, 2019 by Lee Matthews
Last year, we introduced our Legal Holds module, which enables legal departments to confidently implement a defensible and repeatable process for legal holds, with automated workflows and integrated reporting that delivers visibility into the legal holds process and reduces organizational risk. At...Read more
April 10, 2019 by Alyza Tarmohamed
At the General Counsel and Compliance Strategy Forum held recently in Oxfordshire, I had the opportunity to share some of Wolters Kluwer’s expertise on artificial intelligence (AI) for legal departments. My presentation focused on the benefits AI can bring to legal operations and how best to...Read more
April 8, 2019 by Nathan Cemenska
This article was originally published in Legaltech News . "There is tremendous pressure on younger lawyers to produce 2,000, 2,200, 2,400 billable hours. Well, that produces an unlivable kind of life. People who are in [some] firms do not have time to perform community service. They don’t have time...Read more
April 4, 2019 by Raj Sethuraman
This item was originally published by Forbes , where Raj Sethuraman is a member of the Forbes Technology Council . Both consumer and business technologies tend to be oriented toward efficiency, from the explosion of on-demand everything to discourse around artificial intelligence (AI). But when it...Read more
April 1, 2019 by Rich Surace
This post is a message from Rich Surace, VP of Operations, to Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions’ customer service professionals. We share it here so that our customers know how much we appreciate their feedback and understand how central it is to our mission as a company. Having worked for over 20...Read more