May 9, 2017 by Lee Matthews
Surveys show many corporate legal departments are bringing more work in-house . So it’s not surprising that the GCs and operations managers I’ve talked to this year are finding it more and more difficult to manage the volume of requests they receive for their services. Many departments have...Read more
April 26, 2017 by Mark Stapleton
The General Counsel Barometer 2017 survey, published jointly by Raconteur and Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions, revealed that leaders of mid-sized European legal departments are experiencing fundamental transformation in their roles. Historically, legal departments at companies with annual turnover...Read more
April 14, 2017 by Augustin Cal
In order to maintain good outcomes while controlling costs, corporate legal and claims departments need to understand the drivers of value. That’s why so many have implemented analytics tools that help guide their decision making with data. And with clients passing cost pressures on to their...Read more
March 20, 2017
It is now common for corporations to implement Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) systems that help to streamline operations and control legal spend via an e-billing solution. Some may assume that having this type of system in place is all they need to maximize the legal or claims department’s value...Read more
January 17, 2017 by Barry Ader
The transition from one calendar year to the next is always a good time to reflect back, and consider what we can expect in the months ahead. On a personal level, I’m very happy to have joined Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions at this exciting time in the Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) marketplace...Read more
January 5, 2017 by Jeff Loden
I remember the first time I used an iPad. I was in an Apple store and, after hearing so much hype about this new tablet product, wanted to see what it was like. I was immediately struck by how intuitive it was to use. I had never seen one before, and yet I knew exactly how to navigate the “space,”...Read more
November 16, 2016 by Bill Sowinski
Last month I presented a webinar with my colleague from Exterro, Nancy Patton, on the subject of using legal analytics to drive an improved eDiscovery practice. This is an important subject, as eDiscovery is extraordinarily expensive. During the session Nancy and I focused on three key strategies...Read more
October 31, 2016 by Jeff Loden
The work of corporate legal departments is necessarily complex. Managing litigation, executing bill review, and successfully handling matters are challenging tasks that legal staff take on daily. Their technology tools should make these processes easier, but complicated interfaces and switching...Read more
October 26, 2016 by Jeff Brandeis
I recently attended the Society for Corporate Compliance and Ethics’ annual Compliance and Ethics Institute in Chicago – a phenomenal event for me since I focus on helping companies understand the tools that can propel their compliance efforts while supporting overall business strategies. I was...Read more