This is the second of a four-part series on the Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions Customer Value Lifecycle. This post focuses on the Use phase of the lifecycle, describing how we work with customers day-to-day to ensure the greatest value. See part one for an introduction to this model and check back for subsequent posts that will cover the remaining phases of the Customer Value Lifecycle.

When you get up and running on a new enterprise legal management (ELM) system, when the implementation project is successfully completed, and your data and workflows are in place, when your team is using the system and getting more skilled every day, that’s when you can relax, right? Well… sort of. Reaching that milestone means you have completed a huge amount of work, and you should be proud of your team, of course. But an ELM tool is like a well-oiled machine. It runs best when it is indeed kept well-oiled. In legal operations, the service and support you receive from your ELM provider is the oil. A great partnership is what keeps everything working smoothly.

A solution provider that acts as a partner, not just a vendor, understands your goals and the measures of success that are in place in your legal department. They know that when your implementation ends, their work is just beginning. As a partner to our customers, the ELM Solutions team proactively works to continually support your progress in improving your legal operations and meeting your business goals.

Knowing Our Clients and Their Goals

Account managers are responsible for facilitating the overall business relationship with ELM Solutions customers. They understand your business objectives and consult with you regularly to ensure that we are staying on track to help meet those goals. Quarterly business reviews are built into the schedule to help guide you toward the solutions and services that best address your evolving needs and help achieve your goals. And when it suits you, more frequent touchpoints are arranged.

Fostering Customer Expertise

We believe it is our responsibility to ensure that administrators, report writers, and end users have all the information they need to effectively utilize and support the platform they have invested in. Our training team provides the foundation of knowledge that supports success during system design and implementation, then drives rapid user adoption once the system goes live. These responsive professionals offer options that accommodate users with an array of learning preferences and requirements. And they remain available to refresh knowledge and reinforce skills on an ongoing basis.

Supporting Day-to-Day Operations

Our award-winning Client Support organization assists corporate legal, insurance, and legal services provider customers around the world with support ranging from routine questions to complex business and technical issues. The goal is always to get you back on track as quickly as possible. Several teams work together to make this happen.

Customer Service – Customer service professionals support routine questions regarding system configuration, administration, and end-user activities. These team members coordinate with CSMs and Technical Operations to ensure incoming issues are in the right hands as quickly as possible.

Client Success Managers – Client Success Managers (CSMs) act as the primary customer advocate. CSMs work with you to understand your needs and priorities, then collaborate across ELM Solutions teams, navigating the organization so you don’t have to.

Technical Operations – This team of development and technical configuration experts (known as TechOps) manages efforts to resolve technical challenges and address technical configuration questions. While an issue is pending, TechOps works with CSMs to keep you informed of progress while collaborating with both ELM Solutions and customer technical teams.

Law Firm Operations – After ensuring that law firms and other service providers are successfully introduced to the ELM platform, our Law Firm Operations (LFO) experts also support these key players on an ongoing basis. The LFO team helps firms successfully collaborate with clients and minimize their interruptions in serving you.

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About The Author

Rich Surace

As Vice President of Global Operations Rich Surace leads the customer support, information technology, and governance and business support teams, as well as India operations for ELM Solutions. Surace is a seasoned operations leader, with a broad spectrum of global operational and leadership experience gained during 20+ years in the high tech arena.

He has a successful track record of driving complex enterprise functions, global processes, strategic programs, and integrations, as well as solving complex business problems to enable companies to scale-up and improve operations, increase profitability, and capture new market opportunities. He is certified in Project management and a practitioner of Lean methodology as a means to increase customer value while progressively enhancing process scalability and effectiveness.

Prior to joining ELM Solutions, Surace served as EVP of Global Operations for On Process Technology. He also has held executive roles at several Fortune 500 Companies including general management, global business operations, acquisition integration, emerging markets, technical...