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As we come to the end of the year, I have been looking back on the 2017 accomplishments of Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions. I am proud of the great work we have done with our clients, collaborating on pioneering projects and helping them to achieve their legal operations goals. We also listened to the legal community and developed versions of both TyMetrix® 360° and Passport® that meet the requirements of legal departments wanting to start simple with e-billing and matter management, and expand as their needs grow over time.

However, it’s not the commercial achievements I’m most proud of. The London ELM Solutions team, along with our colleagues across the globe, have been involved in many notable charitable activities during the year. I recently received a certificate in the post from the London Legal Walk, reminding me of the walk we did back in May.

On Monday 22 May, the ELM Solutions London team joined 12,000 other walkers to raise a grand total of £800k for The London Legal Support Trust. The organization works to provide equal access to justice for everyone, regardless of their financial situation. The funds went to help victims of domestic abuse, homelessness, and trafficking, as well as the elderly and disabled.

The walk consisted of two 10km loops around London, which participants could choose from: the River Route, which took in both banks of the Thames, and the Parks Route, which made its way through the parks of central London. The ELM Solutions team chose the River Route, which was particularly pleasant on the (rare) hot spring day. It was great to have the local legal community come together at an enjoyable event for such a good cause, particularly since the sun came out for it as well!

London Legal Walk certificate

The UK office is not alone in our efforts. Our colleagues in North America have been helping the community, too. Habitat for Humanity (HfH) projects in both Hartford and Houston got help from ELM Solutions team members on 28th September. The organization puts volunteers to work all across the U.S. building homes for the needy. This was particularly timely in the wake of hurricane Harvey, a very severe storm that damaged several Houston HfH properties just a few weeks earlier.

I’m looking forward to 2018, when I know we will build on the recent commercial, community and creative successes for our customers, our business, the legal ecosystem, and society beyond. 

About The Author

Mark Stapleton

Mark Stapleton joined ELM Solutions in 2013 as the regional head of the business in EMEA and is responsible for leading its continued expansion as the Enterprise Legal Management market continues its rapid growth and development. Mark has spent the last 18 years in the B2B information and software markets, previously working for Reuters and Dow Jones. Mark has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Politics.