Customer behavior and expectations are changing faster than ever. More and more, legal professionals and others in work environments expect the same level of satisfaction they receive from the leading technologies they use at home.

Providing a simple, powerful solution is not enough. How an organization delivers for customers is just as important as what it delivers. Our experience shows customer-centricity must span across the organization, from executives embracing both the strategy and value of customer experience to developing employees who delight customers every step of the way. That approach helped us earn the 2018 Silver Stevie Award for Customer Service

Instead of telling you about client-centricity, it’s easier to show you. This is the first of the Employee Perspectives blog series, which will help you get to know some ELM Solutions team members. We’ll have more posts, so be sure to check back regularly.

Going Above and Beyond with Wolters Kluwer’s GRC CEO Award Winners

The CEO Award, presented to employees within the GRC division of Wolters Kluwer, highlights those who help deliver on our goals, reinforce our values, and provide superb leadership. This year’s winners from ELM Solutions embody the fact that it takes a village to deliver an award-winning customer experience.

Johnny Tran

Johnny Tran, Lead Technical Support

Johnny is a recognized leader who loves getting technical with solutions. Johnny is the main technical support point of contact for one of our Fortune 10 clients and even received that client’s “Going Above and Beyond” award in December.

Johnny was also part of a department-wide program that focused on reducing the average time to resolution for technical issues. In addition, he leads training sessions and mentors colleagues 

Sharon Horozaniecki, Senior Manager, Legal Bill Review

Sharon played a significant role in launching LegalVIEW® BillAnalyzer. Drawing on 10 years of litigation experience, she brings a level of expertise and insight to the role that both clients and team members benefit from.

She conducted talent assessments to build an AI-enabled bill review team and also leads the proof of concept (POC) process to demonstrate the value of BillAnalyzer to our clients.


Bharathi Karunakaran, Principle Software Engineer

Bharathi fosters a customer-first mindset by keeping the client’s “big picture” goals in mind during all aspects of engineering. In some organizations, client goals can be obscured by imprecise requirements, but she ensures that our tactics align with customer strategies.

Bharathi believes that “leadership is an action, not a position.” She isn’t afraid to dive right in, break down client requirements, then work with her Scrum team to create the right solution.

Karen Sinclair, Director, Law Firm Operations

Karen focuses relentlessly on continuous improvement. Enjoying a wide variety of challenges and initiatives, she and her team are never bored!

Understanding that a great experience is imperative for any user and that we’re stronger as a team, Karen has trained a specialized group who focus solely on supporting our corporate legal and claims clients’ law firms. They deliver an unmatched level of assistance through the entire process from registration to guidance on invoice submission. 

Our Most Valuable Asset

Our clients depend on us to work at maximum efficiency and make critical decisions that help them get their jobs done well. Without the right team in place, that wouldn’t be possible. The ultimate priority is developing the most talented, diverse workforce. After all, that is our most valuable asset.

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