Karen Sinclair, Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions Director of Operations, Enterprise Legal Management, wants all of our clients to receive an excellent service experience. Here, she talks about how her team helps make that possible.

What are the most important elements of great customer support?

There’s three: responsiveness, resolution time, and quality of delivery. Managing the entire support process requires excellent communication with the customer, whether it is with a corporate legal or claims department or one of their law firms. 

The reality is no one wants to contact support if they do not have to. With that in mind, exceptional support teams strive to make each interaction as smooth and effortless as possible. For ELM Solutions, it’s imperative that users know what is going on every step of the way. That means before a conversation is even over, the user knows when they will hear from us again. 

In terms of how we deliver support, what sets ELM Solutions support apart from other companies?

ELM Solutions is a global support organization. Clients and law firms can access support around the clock, whenever and wherever they need. Our Law Firm Support team is very hands on, very personalized. Firms appreciate that level of assistance through the entire process from registration to guidance on invoice submission. Our service standards are recognized among the industry’s best. 

Tell us more about your approach to supporting law firms. Does that differ from corporate clients?

Corporate clients and law firms have different needs so we tailor our approach. Since law firm staff don’t use applications like TyMetrix® 360⁰ and Passport® every day, users are understandably less familiar with the fundamentals like navigation and system usage or how to correct invoices that must be re-submitted. That’s when ELM Solutions’ dedicated support agents who specialize in helping firms be successful step in. They are experts on both the LEDES invoice format and specific client billing requirements. 

On the other hand, corporate legal and insurance clients tend to come to us for a higher level of application knowledge. So they have a separate support path, which takes them to in-house representatives specially-training to handle more complex questions. For example, users may need assistance with reporting, or setting up new matters and associated law firms.

How do you think customer support will change in the next few years? Are there new technologies, for example, that will help you meet customer needs more thoroughly or efficiently?

Yes, technology is a fundamental part in delivering excellent support. The platform we use has been instrumental in supporting clients; they appreciate receiving immediate responses to questions by chat or email. I think one big area support teams will focus on in the future is self-help. It really expedites the process. Rather than placing a call, a quick online search can provide the answer. That is not to say clients will not have the option to contact us. That is still a necessary component of excellent customer support; self-help is simply another avenue available.

I also expect an increase in the use of the web as a support channel. By submitting tickets, creating a knowledge base, and developing a customer support community for our users online, we are able to provide better service while fostering a more collaborative experience.

In the not-so-distant future, Artificial Intelligence could provide answers specific to a client’s application without the need to wait for an available agent.

Can you provide an example of a great support experience that your team has provided to a client or law firm?

A client recently mentioned the level of support received from our chat service had been invaluable as she acclimated to her new role as system administrator. Only once did a chat not resolve in an immediate resolution. But, she marveled at the thoroughness of the support agent’s research when her assistance was provided a few hours later.

It’s so helpful when clients tell us the what makes their day to day easier. That’s why clients are surveyed after every support experience. We want to know how we’re doing so we can focus on how we can do even better.  


About The Author

Karen Sinclair

Karen Sinclair has 20 years’ experience in the software industry in Product Management and Customer Support leadership roles. She is a graduate of University of Bath, UK and has and Masters in Business Administration from Rice University, Houston. Karen leads our Customer Service and Success team, which provides support for our Corporate Legal Department clients and their Legal Service Providers.