Customer Value Lifecycle - Collaborate

This is the third of a four-part series on the Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions Customer Value Lifecycle. This post focuses on the Collaborate phase of the lifecycle and the ways in which interacting with us, and with their peers, yields sustained value for our customers. See part one for an introduction to this model and part two to learn about the day-to-day partnership between ELM Solutions and our clients. Check back for the final post on enhancing your investment.

As part of our mission to continually deliver value, we at ELM Solutions are always collaborating with our customers in impactful, tangible ways. This means creating frequent opportunities to work together in determining our ongoing strategy and plans for the products and services customers have invested in. It’s not simply a matter of updating customers about what they can expect. Instead, it is another manifestation of the strong partnerships we build, including offering customers the chance to inform our direction as a company and learn from each other. There are several aspects of collaboration that we focus on with over 35 events for customers to participate in every year.

Product Roadmaps

Active customer feedback on product plans helps us to ensure that we are focusing on the right enhancements to address customers’ evolving priorities. By attending regular roadmap planning sessions for our Passport® and TyMetrix® 360° enterprise legal management platforms, customers have the opportunity to actively vote on current enhancements, see the results, and know their voice has been heard when the solution is enhanced with their feedback. Our quarterly user groups give clients a sneak preview of product plans and provide an avenue for feedback about features and enhancements. In addition, our annual user conference offers a chance for these roadmap-related conversations to take place in person and offers the best of learning and networking in a beautiful setting. 


The Executive Advisory Board (EAB) consists of senior leaders from customer companies who provide input and feedback on our strategy, as well as our portfolio offerings. The EAB meets quarterly, including an annual in-person meeting a few days before our yearly user conference, where members have the opportunity to connect with each other and spend time on in-depth conversations about strategic priorities.

In addition, the Executive Sponsorship Program pairs ELM Solutions executives with key accounts to drive strategic relationships. Customers taking part in the program have a direct line to our senior management team, which ensures continued alignment and open communication.

Peer Networking

While we are committed to collaboration with our customers, we are also firm believers in the importance of encouraging collaboration among customers. The legal ops professionals who use our solutions every day, who have tackled big challenges and achieved lofty business goals, are true experts. And it only makes sense for us to support the exchange of expertise among them.

In addition to roadmap sessions and quarterly user groups, we have created several focus groups on topics and themes our clients have expressed interest in. From industry-specific discussions to globalization, AFAs, and data and analytics, our focus groups provide a forum to share ideas on many facets of the legal function. 

And finally, the annual ELM Solutions user conference is the centerpiece of our customer networking opportunities. Attendees gather together and discuss their challenges, successes, and best practices so they can and learn from each other’s experiences. Customer interactions at the user conference range from formal presentations during breakout sessions to impromptu conversations at the dinner table. This mix of contexts allows customers to share their knowledge in as much detail as desired. Often, the sessions focus on larger stories and broader strokes and are then followed by less formal interactions with discussions about very specific circumstances.

Meeting the needs of our customers is the driving force for all of our solutions and services. We work in continuous collaboration with our customers to ensure that we can help them operate effectively and efficiently in pursuit of their goals. By working with ELM Solutions and with each other, customers to are able to optimize their legal operations and increase the value they bring to their organizations.

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About The Author

Karen McCracken

With over 25 years in the software industry, Karen is responsible for defining and overseeing the execution of programs designed to provide clients with a world-class experience. She has helped drive customer satisfaction and retention by building an exceptional client advocacy program. One of Karen's main areas of focus at ELM Solutions is managing the must-attend annual user conference that is the centerpiece of our client experience.

Prior to joining Wolters Kluwer, Karen spent 21 years at IBM with a variety of senior marketing positions that always revolved around the client experience and helped make clients “raving fans.” Karen has a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Michigan State University.