This is the last of a four-part series on the Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions Customer Value Lifecycle. See part one for an introduction to this model and part two to learn about the ongoing partnership between ELM Solutions and our clients. Part three describes the ways in which customers collaborate with each other and with us. This post focuses on the Enhance phase of the lifecycle, in which customers can increase the value of their ELM investment by keeping current with ELM platform updates and leveraging managed services to evolve their implementation.

Legal operations and insurance litigation are dynamic and evolving fields. With internal changes and industry churn happening constantly, every legal and claims department should have a plan to stay up-to-date or learn the hard way that their technology has become obsolete. The ELM Solutions Customer Value Lifecycle is our approach to ensuring clients get the best experience with our company and products, even years after they implement our solutions. Two key ways we support this are through product updates and managed services.

The Latest Technology

When our customers select and implement Passport® or TyMetrix® 360°, they get the very latest in enterprise legal management technology. But our work on these advanced platforms never stops. If a customer hasn't updated since implementation and isn't using the latest release, then they aren't getting the highest ROI from these tools. In the case of TyMetrix 360°, staying current is as simple as logging in. Because it is delivered via a SaaS model, TyMetrix 360° users are always presented with the latest version of the solution.

For Passport customers, we offer the Evergreen program, which allows customers an update to the latest Passport version once each year without incurring any additional services costs. ELM Solutions works with the customer to schedule their update project, so their Passport investment continues to deliver the highest value over time.

Customers who take advantage of the Evergreen program get the following at no cost:

  • Updates of all base products, modules, and connectors to the latest version
  • Updates of customizations to maintain compatibility
  • Testing of base product updates, configurations, and customizations
  • Migration of base product features as necessary
  • Updates of component products, modules, and libraries, such as the Passport Data Warehouse
  • Update to the latest application security standards
  • Education on new features and functionality

Supplementing the Work of Our Customers

ELM Solutions managed services provide key functionality that augments our customers’ own resources. We help customers better manage legal activities and spend without the need to expand their staff or train internal resources on new capabilities. Our managed services offerings are based on the extensive expertise we have developed in supporting customer goals and helping legal operations teams to heighten their effectiveness.

One of our most successful recent introductions in this area is LegalVIEW® BillAnalyzer, an award-winning managed service that uses artificial intelligence and human expertise to optimize the customer’s end-to-end legal bill review process. The combination of AI and trained legal bill review experts delivers cost savings, improves spend predictability, and drives sustained billing guideline compliance by outside counsel firms.

Our in-house professional services team is also available to help customers execute on specialized projects that maintain and enhance the efficacy of the legal operations function. By taking advantage of our knowledge and skills, legal departments can address changing circumstances within their organizations and respond to shifting external pressures in a timely and effective manner.

In addition, ELM Solutions frequently makes new products and modules available to support and enhance client success. Our customer service professionals work with clients to make sure they are aware of these new options when released and help them understand whether they might be helpful in achieving each customer’s goals. The common factor in all of these efforts is a commitment to helping customers build on and improve the legal department’s contributions, increasing the value of their ELM investment over the long term.

Learn more about the Customer Value Lifecycle, including the benefits and advantages offered during each phase of the customer engagement.


About The Author

Jeff Hofstetter

Jeff Hofstetter is currently the Vice President of Global Services for Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions. In this role, Jeff is responsible for the successful delivery of ELM Software solutions.

Prior to joining Wolters Kluwer, Jeff was the Director of Americas Delivery for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software Services. In this role, he was responsible for the delivery of HPE Software solutions in Cloud, Application Lifecycle, DevOps, and IT Operations Management (ITSM, ITAM, PPM, BSM, Event Monitoring, and Automation).