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This is the first of two blog posts I will publish on the ELM Solutions approach to innovation. In this post I’ll focus on the relationship between innovation and the customer experience. Next time I’ll give some examples of how legal management professionals, specifically, can benefit from current technological innovations.

Innovation isn’t easy. Unfortunately, we all know that the next revolutionary enterprise legal software solution most likely will not come in a brilliant lightbulb moment as they do in cartoons. True innovation takes time, discipline, and a smarter, collaborative approach.

That’s why I’m honored that Passport has been named the 2017 Best Enterprise Legal Management Platform by Corporate Vision Magazine. This award celebrates excellence and innovation in technology, and only pushes us to continue finding new, forward-thinking ways of delivering exceptional experiences. One of the reasons I am so proud of this award is that at the center of this innovation is our collaborative work with our clients, which gives us insight into the ways we can help them improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

Make the complex simple with a client-centric approach

Clients should be at the heart of all innovation. By engaging in constructive conversations, user groups, an annual user conference, industry events, design and beta programs, and more, we hear directly from our users about what works for them and where there’s room to improve.

This is important because innovation doesn’t start with a great idea. It starts with a problem. Innovation is a response to a need that someone has to achieve a goal in a better way. This is what our clients want and it’s why we put innovation at the core of our mission. Our clients’ need to continue improving on their results is the driver and our ongoing desire to surpass their expectations is what spurs us to new ideas and innovation.

For instance, quarterly user groups for Passport® and TyMetrix® 360° allow users to not only see the strategic vision of ELM Solutions’ portfolio and specific product roadmaps, but also provides an open forum where we can seek their feedback. We ask: What works? What would make your day easier? Then, our product management, engineering, and support teams take action on what we learn.

It not only works - it wins awards

If you are like most legal professionals, you probably start and end your workday in Microsoft Office. It’s where your emails and documents come in, and what you use to figure out what you’re going to do for the day. And because it’s so familiar and useful, it’s most likely where you prefer to work. Knowing this, we asked “Why make users jump between the applications they use the most, like Office and Word, and their ELM system to accomplish day to day tasks?”

The launch of Passport Office Companion last fall brought about a simple, yet revolutionary change. Users can drag and drop email messages directly into Passport from their Outlook window, and view, edit, and save matter documents in Word with their changes reflected live in Passport. With every matter’s calendar synced to their own, they have a clear view into what’s going on with all of their matters this week or this month.

By listening and keeping clients at the heart of innovation, Passport Office Companion won the 2017 Silver Steve Award for best software integration solution. But we knew we’d been successful when we heard from our clients and those in the industry. One Fortune 500 client called Office Companion “the single most innovative idea in the legal software space.”

And we are still moving forward, finding new ways to address our customers’ issues from minute to big picture with late-breaking technology, services, and methods. Stay tuned - next time I’ll look at the two biggest innovations that are currently transforming experiences for legal management professionals.

Visit our Passport Office Companion page to watch our video and learn more about how it can make your workday easier.

About The Author

Barry Ader

As Vice President, Product Management and Marketing for Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions, Barry directs all Product Management, Alliances and Marketing efforts. In this role, Barry is responsible for analyzing and understanding the enterprise legal management (ELM) market, managing the product portfolio, creating a compelling roadmap and driving new business opportunities. He is also responsible for leading and developing the marketing strategy establishing Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions as the premier services and technology provider in the global corporate legal market.

Barry has extensive experience in a variety of technology and management roles in the IT industry helping global companies drive their value proposition with customers. Most recently, Barry led the marketing efforts for 3D Printers at 3D Systems. He also held a variety of product management, marketing and go-to-market roles at EMC Corporation.

Barry holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Queens College and an MBA in Marketing from Pace University in NY. He is extremely...