On June 2nd, the ELM Solutions online webinar series Legal Ops ACCELERATE will feature an informative session on how to get buy-in from management and stakeholders for implementing a contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution. This event, co-presented with Corporate Counsel Business Journal, is recommended for anyone who is curious about the value that a CLM solution could bring to their organization or anyone who needs to convince colleagues of that value.  

Contracts are a foundational element of business relationships and, when not managed properly, can create substantial risk for an organization and directly impact profits. That’s why CLM solutions have become an important tool for businesses seeking to run efficiently, comply with their obligations, and ensure long-term success.  

During this session, our expert speakers will cover strategies for getting buy-in from stakeholders across organizational functions. They will also provide advice about justifying the cost of a CLM solution with a focus on mitigating risk and optimizing profits from the contract authoring phase through obligation management for the life of the contract. 

Register to attend Making the Business Case for a Contract Lifecycle Management Solution and check out our Legal Ops ACCELERATE page to learn about other upcoming webinars, as well as recordings and other resources that are available for download.