ELM19: The Art of Innovation

ELM19, the annual Wolters Kluwer’s ELM Solutions user conference, along with our annual Executive Advisory Summit (EAS), both of which took place in Miami during November, were as successful as we ever could have hoped! Bringing clients together to network, learn, and give us their feedback is the highlight of our year. 

Events for Senior Leaders and End Users 

This exciting week began as we welcomed members of the ELM Solutions Executive Advisory Board to our EAS. The board is made up of senior leaders from customer companies who listen to our strategy and portfolio plans, then provide feedback that helps us ensure we continue to meet our clients’ evolving needs. It was a productive summit that provided ample time for in-depth conversations about our customers’ goals and how we can support them. 

As the EAS wrapped up, users of our legal management platforms began to arrive from all over the country for ELM19. This event is our flagship customer event every year. It’s our best opportunity to share with clients about best practices and how to get maximum value from their ELM solutions. It also allows us to hear from end users, as well as legal and claims department leaders, about how we can help make their work easier and more successful. 

One of the first things attendees saw when they arrived and looked at the schedule was that ELM19 offered a great deal of variety. With tracks tailored for users of Passport® and TyMetrix® 360°, there were training classes, roadmap previews, panel discussions, workshops, and focus groups, as well as product demos and opportunities to try out system modules and features. And each day offered opportunities for attendees to talk informally with each other, exchanging stories and establishing relationships that many would continue at a distance even after the conference ended.

Highlights of a Great Week 

While every day of the EAS and ELM19 was productive and informative, there were a few events that were particularly valuable and generated the most excitement: 

  • A new product announcement: During his opening keynote address kicking off ELM19, Jonah Paransky, ELM Solutions General Manager and Executive Vice President, announced an exciting new leap forward in legal technology. This was the introduction to our new Predictive Insights solution, which uses AI, along with benchmark and client historical data, to make predictions about matter budgets and cycle times. It provides a reliable, data-driven way for legal and claims professionals to make the best decisions about outside counsel selection and other key aspects of matter management. 
  • A guest keynote address about creativity: Artist Phil Hansen told a personal and inspiring story about how obstacles can actually serve to make us more creative. Phil’s obstacle was medical and stood in the way of making the art he wanted to create, but his situation sheds light on how anyone can approach any challenge and make sure that it doesn’t prevent them from reaching their goals. 
  • Networking on a superyacht: We love helping our customers get to know each other, so networking was a very important part of ELM19. And if you’re going to network, why not have fun with it? We invited attendees aboard the Grand Floridian luxury superyacht, where the ice was immediately broken and attendees stayed to socialize and mingle with their colleagues and ELM representatives long after returning to the dock. 
  • Partners who bring added value: In addition to helping our users network, ELM19 also gave us the opportunity to bring attendees together with some of our most valued partners. For example, our gold sponsors – Consilio and UnitedLex – were on hand to answer questions and engage more fully with their own customers who were in attendance. This partner presence is a great way to help us ensure that attendees have access to additional providers who can help them achieve their goals.  

What Attendees Were Saying 

Throughout the conference, we heard from attendees who wanted us to know how happy they were with the venue, events, and sessions. There was also a lot of excitement about how the conference helps users deliver better business outcomes. After getting advice about best practices and training to help hone their skills, attendees left ELM19 with actionable information about how to improve their operations once they got back home. 

Another repeated theme was that attendees liked how much of the conference is devoted to listening to them. They enjoy the dialog of hearing from us about our plans – for example, in our roadmap preview sessions – and then having the opportunity to respond. We’re happy to do this and frequently make changes based directly on what we learn from clients. 

Thank you to everyone who made the trip to Miami to attend the 2019 EAS and ELM19. We can’t wait to see you next October in Scottsdale!