ELM19: The Art of Innovation

Using your time wisely is the key to getting the most out of any professional conference. As ELM19 approaches, we are highlighting a few thought leadership sessions that we recommend you attend in addition to your solution-specific track. When planning your time at ELM19, we suggest that you make sure these “hot tickets” are on your calendar so that you cover a wide range of topics and optimize your time at ELM19. 

At many companies, legal operations teams are becoming increasingly involved with the contract management process. They frequently have a large volume of contracts to manage but are being asked to minimize costs even while taking on this additional work. Because of this challenge, many are looking to contract lifecycle management (CLM) providers for help. It’s a wise move. When done right, CLM can help increase productivity while reducing risk and costs. CLM is the key to getting good business results from contracts because it helps not only with creating contracts but also with effectively managing them over time.  

In this session, two of ELM Solutions’ CLM experts, Lee Matthews and Terry Sadowski, will talk about how to leverage the technology most effectively, answer your CLM questions, and introduce you to CLM clients - Rebecca Cazares with Nektar Therapeutics and Alan Weaver from St. Johns River Water Management District - who are already using CLM solutions to better run their contract program. You’ll hear firsthand from these professionals about how using CLM has improved their organizations’ contract operations. And you’ll find out what their experience has taught them about what to look for in a solution and how to use CLM to achieve your business goals. 

Attend the Contract Lifecycle Management panel on November 5 at 4:00 PM. Also, don't miss our other valuable CLM content on the 5th during the conference kickoff at 8:30 AM and at 5:30 PM in the Spotlight Theater.