ELM19: The Art of Innovation

Using your time wisely is the key to getting the most out of any professional conference. As ELM19 approaches, we are highlighting a few thought leadership sessions that we recommend you attend in addition to your solution-specific track. When planning your time at ELM19, we suggest that you make sure these “hot tickets” are on your calendar so that you cover a wide range of topics and optimize your time at ELM19. 

Corporate legal and insurance claims professionals are regularly faced with decisions that have a major impact on business outcomes. From the choice of counsel to the size of a matter budget or the likelihood of a positive outcome, many of these decisions have to be made based on instinct, or even guesswork. While professional instincts are often correct, there would be far less pressure on these busy professionals if there were a way to leverage data to help make these judgments. Luckily, predictive analytics technology is here to help. 

Predictive analytics uses a combination of historical and current data to predict future events. Join this panel discussion to learn how these tools leverage machine learning, a type of artificial intelligence, to help spot risks and opportunities for companies. Predictive analytics can provide information to help with the selection of law firms, identifying expected cycle times, when to settle, and everything in between. 

Meet the experts in an interactive session November 6 at 1:30 PM and end your ELM19 experience in the final session of the conference with a peek into “The Future of AI across ELM” on Thursday, November 7, at 10:30 AM.