ELM19: The Art of Innovation

As we approach the ELM19 user conference in Miami Beach from November 5 through 7, the excitement level is rising, both for the ELM Solutions team planning the event and those who will attend. And there is good reason to be excited! This year’s conference, at the beautiful waterfront Eden Roc/Nobu resort, will offer more of the great content and activities you recall from last year’s award-winning event, plus a few new twists and additions that will help you experience the impact of 'the art of innovation' in legal operations. 

What can you expect to gain from ELM19? Read on for some highlights. 

Take home ideas for increasing your ELM value 

ELM19 will feature thought-provoking panel discussions, expert presentations, and client success stories designed to give you actionable knowledge about how you can maximize the value that your organization delivers. We've included interactive focus groups and workshops each day, as well, so that you can share your own challenges and experience and begin thinking specifically about how to put your learnings to use when you get home. 

Along with roadmap previews that will give you a sneak peek at what’s coming up in Passport® and TyMetrix® 360°, ELM19 will include sessions on: 

  • Total spend management 
  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Change management and user adoption 
  • Alternative fee arrangements 
  • Contract lifecycle management 

The goal is to give you a complete picture of what your ELM platform can do for your organization and how your ELM technology can make the most of your legal operations. This includes both detailed discussions of how best to use individual features and broader overviews of entire areas of legal management you may not yet have fully adopted. 

And because corporate legal and insurance claims professionals don’t work in a perfect world, our guest keynote speaker, artist Phil Hansen, will help attendees recognize how limitations, which are often seen as standing in the way of perfection, can actually spark creativity that ultimately improves results. In addition to telling his own story, Phil will use impressive visuals and live interactive art to stimulate your creativity and spark a new perspective that can help you and your team achieve success. 

Improve your proficiency 

There will be many opportunities at ELM19 to get better acquainted with your enterprise legal management system and ensure that you and your organization are getting the most out of it. The ELM Solutions Learning Institute will continue to offer complimentary application training to user conference attendees, with expanded learning opportunities this year. Training sessions will now take place every day instead of just the first day of the conference, as in previous years, with many topics offered multiple times to be sure you can take advantage of as many sessions as possible. 

The content of this training will be better than ever, as well. There will be an emphasis on applications and key modules available to Passport and TyMetrix 360° users, using a demo format to ensure that you understand the best practices for the software that you already utilize, as well as how to leverage any modules or features that your organization hasn’t yet put to full use. In addition, sharing of knowledge and success stories among client attendees will be an important part of the training. 

Our Meet the Experts and Demo Café will also return, this time in an even better, expanded form. This bigger incarnation will offer hands-on learning, demos of features or solutions you want to know more about, and the opportunity to talk with our experts about all of our offerings and how they can be most helpful in your particular environment. 

Have fun!

One of our priorities every year is to make sure that, in addition to learning and sharing, you also get the chance to have some fun. That’s why we’ve booked one of the largest and newest yachts in South Florida for a special evening event during ELM19. The 128 ft. Grand Floridian megayacht, which offers 18,000 square feet of space, including a covered sky lounge, forward sun deck and two aft balconies, will be our venue for a luxurious three-hour dinner cruise.  

The advantages of attending ELM19 don’t end with the closing of the conference. The connections you’ll make with peers, partners, and the ELM Solutions team mean that you will have a network of knowledgeable colleagues you can draw on throughout the year. You will also take home additional learnings about our solutions and best practices to drive efficiencies within your organization. 

Visit the ELM19 website to learn more and to register for this exciting event.