Corporate Implementation Services

With over 700 completed implementations, ELM Solutions has a tremendous depth of experience successfully deploying enterprise software solutions on a global scale.  Our Professional Services Group includes industry veterans who are experts at understanding client needs and are able to provide implementation, configuration, and technology best practice recommendations. In addition, we are the only Enterprise Legal Management solution provider with dedicated personnel in EMEA who deliver local implementation services.

A Proven Implementation Approach

Our unique and proprietary implementation methodology uses iterative cycles to mitigate project risk and maximize project success. This iterative approach enables client feedback early and often during a project and deepens user engagement.  The result is an improved ability to adapt to change throughout the project lifecycle, as well as strong project buy-in among end users.  We also apply implementation, configuration, and technology best practices that have been refined by our engagements with many of the world's most demanding and complex companies.  This combination of best practices and a proven implementation approach results in maximum project success for our clients.

Vast Integration Experience

We understand that our solutions must complement each client’s current technology investments and we bring significant integration experience to each project. Our implementation team has integrated our solutions with our technology partners’ leading, enterprise-class systems for:

  • Accounts payable
  • Document management
  • E-Discovery
  • Legal holds
  • Claims management
  • IP management
  • Contract management
  • Human resources
  • Customer relationship management

Our integration expertise allows us to deliver end-to-end solutions for our clients that streamline business processes, drive efficiency, and enable reporting and visibility across systems.

Comprehensive Training Solutions

Training is integral to the success of any new software implementation. Our training services group provides comprehensive training and certification programs. These programs help to drive user adoption, accelerate clients’ return on investment in their ELM Solutions software, and ensure the success of each client’s project. Training options include standard or customized training, which can be delivered in-person, as computer-based training modules, or through other delivery methods. We also offer training consultation services to assist our clients with the development of their training strategy, approach, and curriculum plan.



Learn more about eBillingDeskLaw Firm Implementation Services

Our proven, three-phase implementation process is designed to get law firms and other external service providers submitting e-invoices as quickly as possible. To ensure a positive e-billing onboarding experience, our dedicated Law Firm Operations team provides full-service support for each firm throughout the process.

The three key phases of the implementation process include:

Phase 1 - Initial Contact & Information Gathering

The Law Firm Operations team sends all designated law firms and other external service providers a Welcome Kit containing basic information, instructions, and a link to complete an online User Information Form. After a firm completes the form, we review the data that has been collected to assess the firm's technical ability and begin assisting the firm with preliminary reconciliation of matter and timekeeper data with its client.

Phase 2 - Training, Registration & Testing

We provide web-based training for each user with additional training support as needed. The firm then completes its registration on our e-billing network and submits a test invoice, which our team reviews for compliance with industry standards and client-specific e-billing formats.

Phase 3 - Final Reconciliation & "Go Live"

We assist with a final reconciliation of all matter and timekeeper data. Once the corporate client is live, each firm successfully creates and transmits a live invoice to the client without assistance from our Law Firm Operations personnel. When this is accomplished, the firms have successfully completed the implementation process and can rely on our Law Firm Operations team for ongoing assistance with any technical support issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.