The next generation interface for seamlessly managing legal workflows and tasks within the Microsoft Office Suite.

Passport® Office Companion helps your legal department get more done by allowing your staff to perform day-to-day matter management activities directly within the Microsoft® Office Suite, which includes Outlook®, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint®.  Now legal staff can more efficiently manage their entire matter portfolios, with ease with tools they are most familiar and comfortable with. 




With seamless integration between Microsoft Office applications and Passport applications, the Office Companion module streamlines daily management of matters and helps teams be more exceptionally productive by making workflows so intuitive that users are able to quickly and easily perform tasks directly in the tools they work within without having to switch between applications.  This saves time, supports high quality collection of matter-related information, and encourages easy collaboration internally and with external legal service providers. And because teams are more empowered with tools designed to be compatible with how they prefer to work, this promotes greater usage and adoption of your system, and ensures the legal department has tracked and stored comprehensive, meaningful business intelligence it needs to make informed strategy and business decisions.

Accelerate productivity and streamline your workflow
Day-to-day legal workflows are now completed easily without having to leave Office.

  • Access and manage all of your matters including the emails, documents, narratives, calendars, events, tasks, and people associated with a matter within Office
  • Easily view and save emails, documents, and other files or attachments to a matter in seconds
  • Simply drag and drop emails, documents, and other attachments to and from their corresponding matters efficiently
  • Client configurable, dynamic matter summary pages provide additional context for users that includes matter number, status, open and close date, practice area, and matter type
  • Boost your on-the-go productivity with a friendly, responsive design interface for mobile tablets

Simplify document collaboration
Increase productivity with integrated document management features.

  • Documents and files are opened directly in their associated Office application for viewing and editing
  • Edit documents with convenient check-in and check-out functionality directly within Office. Document versions are tracked automatically in Passport
  • Teams working on a matter have immediate access to the most current related files or documents

Secure and built to perform
System performance is always optimized for a secure and seamless user experience.

  • Event-driven connectivity eliminates constant data synchronization.  Data and information is available when you need it
  • Work offline - queued emails and documents are automatically uploaded to your favorite matters once a user re-establishes a network connection to Passport
  • Data and information is securely stored on your Passport server rather than on users’ desktops
  • Supports single-sign on authentication methods for Passport

Flexible, easy to deploy and simple to upgrade.

  • Ease-of-deployment, requires no additional software to be installed on a client’s Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Centralized application deployment and administration reduce IT costs and eliminate time consuming  desktop rollouts
  • New apps and functionality can be easily deployed across your organization from your Passport server directy to desktop users