Litigation Management for Claims Professionals, a component of Passport® Claims Defense, helps insurers control expense and loss ratios by driving more efficient and effective management of claim-related legal activities and improved oversight of the associated costs. The solution enables claims professionals to select the best attorney for each case, more successfully identify claims for early settlement, and get better, more cost-effective results from counsel.

A complete range of litigation management capabilities – a counsel assignment wizard, budgeting, e-billing with automated invoice audits and workflow, document management, advanced reporting and analytics, and more – enable claims professionals and their counsel to more successfully collaborate to resolve cases. The solution also offers claims executives improved visibility into the true cost and value of legal services.

Litigation Management for Claims Professionals is one component of the Passport Claims Defense application. Built on Passport, our patented technology platform, Passport Claims Defense offers two modular, yet integrated, components: one supports claims professionals in their management of staff and/or outside counsel; the other supports the day-to-day case management needs of staff attorneys. Insurance carriers are able to use these components individually, or together as a comprehensive, integrated claims defense solution. These solutions are available for on-premise or dedicated hosted deployment, which offers each carrier the flexibility to select the option that best suits its company’s IT preferences and/or data security requirements.

Litigation Management for Claims Professionals can also be used with our LegalVIEW® analytics offerings to further enhance the claims organization’s ability to understand litigation expense drivers and manage panel counsel. These offerings are powered by the LegalVIEW data warehouse, which is the world’s largest source of legal performance data. Using LegalVIEW analytics tools, insurers are able to benchmark panel management practices to enhance counsel selection and engagement and reduce loss adjustment expenses. 


Streamline how claims professionals work and improve their effectiveness.

  • Counsel assignment tools and the Law Firm Smart Select functionality help claims professionals quickly and easily match claims with the right legal professional and standardize the process for retaining attorneys

  • The Office® Companion Module offers the convenience and efficiency of day-to-day case management directly from the Outlook interface

  • Automated invoice workflows streamline time-consuming invoice review processes

  • The Collaboration Module enables easy collaboration on budgets, timekeeper rates, case status updates, and more, which helps claims professionals to manage their cases more proactively in conjunction with retained counsel

  • Calendaring features enable claims professionals to efficiently track key litigation management tasks and events

Increase consistency of claims handling and improve indemnity results.

  • Rules and workflow-driven automation tools help to enforce compliance with business processes and litigation guidelines, which increases the consistency and quality of claims handling internally and across retained counsel

  • Business intelligence capabilities help to identify trends in successful dispositive motions, which aids in the development of more effective litigation management strategies for quick and fair case resolution

Reduce legal spend.

  • Spend management features – such as outside counsel e-billing, automated audits for compliance with billing guidelines and budgets, and spend analysis reporting – help claims departments drive down legal spend

  • The AFAs Module supports successful negotiation, establishment, enforcement, and evaluation of alternative fee arrangements with outside counsel to help control costs

  • Analytics tools empower claims organizations to conduct a detailed analysis of spend to benchmark firm performance and identify opportunities for cost savings and improved value

Improve visibility and inform decision making with actionable data.

  • Role-based homepage delivers relevant case information and metrics to each user, which streamlines access to critical information and empowers better decision making

  • Reporting and business intelligence capabilities enable claims organizations to better assess the value provided by counsel, make more informed sourcing decisions for legal work, and identify successful claims management strategies

  • Management dashboards summarize data and quickly communicate performance against KPIs and key metrics related to operations, cost, risk, and exposure

  • LegalVIEW® analytics offerings, which are powered by the world’s largest repository of legal performance data, further enhance a carrier’s ability to understand litigation expense drivers and benchmark panel management practices to improve counsel selection, close claims more quickly, and reduce loss adjustment expenses 


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